• Q Lipo Body Contouring Plus

    Q Lipo Body Conturing Plus is the aesthetic device that offers a truly complete beauty treatment. The combination of three revolutionary and innovative technologies, Lipolytic Laser and Sequential Multifocal Ultrasound, allows body treatments with a wide range of effective and totally safe therapy modes.

  • Q Dermo Deep

    Q Dermo Deep is the evolution developed by Q Italy in electroporation that promotes the deepest delivery of the active ingredients contained in cosmetics and dermocosmetics applied to face and body…..

  • Q Meso Deep

    Q Meso Deep, the biorevitalization system that permits to regulate more precisely the depth of the transdermal vehiculation and at the meantime to increase the percentage of the delivered product (until 90%) with more than excellent results for face and body.

  • Q Epilaser Space 2.0

    Q Epilaser Space 2.0 is born from the specific customers need to have a faster laser for hair removal treatment of very large skin areas such as back and legs.

  • QO2

    The formula to defeat the signs of time. Molecular oxygen. The QO2 is the innovative Q Italy system using molecular oxygen that cares for the skin of the face and body, leaving it with a youthful, glowing look…

  • Q Slimpress

    An enveloping sense of well-being. Pressotherapy. A new technology applied to pressomassage allows us to get extremely versatile devices with unique features in terms of precision and safety…

  • Q HighLight pst

    High intensity pulsed light. Q Highlight PST performs a large number of beauty care functions: it deletes the signs of time from the skin with a photorejuvinating treatment, it permanently removes unwanted hairs and it tones the tissues. Q Highlight reawakens beauty naturally, effectively and safely…

  • Q Slim Waves

    The emission of Sequential Multifocal Ultrasonic Waves allows to accurately treat the adiposity and different stages of cellulite, with no damage to the surrounding tissues…

  • Q Power Waves MPS

    Oscillating, vibrating energy waves that reshape the figure. An innovative treatment with selective, local action on fatty tissue, which reduces surplus fat and removes cellulite. For a slimmer figure and silky-smooth skin…

  • Q Massage

    Pressomassaggio per trattamenti di rimodellamento corpo. La particolarità della nuova tecnologia applicata alla pressoterapia ci permette di ottenere un’apparecchiatura estetica estremamente versatile con caratteristiche uniche per precisione e sicurezza…

  • Q HighLight

    Q HighLight I.P.L. satisfies them with the natural force of light. Skilfully used, this light can perform a large number of beauty care functions: biophotostimulation, it permanently removes unwanted hair and it tones the tissues…

  • Q Therm Plus RFNA

    Q Therm Plus RFNA is a revolutionary beauty care device that emits monopolar/bipolar capacitive/resistive radiofrequency to treat facial and body beauty problems, smoothing wrinkles and restoring tone to sagging tissues.
    Q Therm Plus RFNA uses a safe, painless, non invasive technology…

  • Q Endodermic

    Endomassage to reshape the figure. The particularity of the new technologies applied make Q Endodermic unique and innovative for body, breast, face and décolleté treatments by joining the harmonic and synergetic action of various methods…

  • Q Skin Perfect 2.0

    Q Skin Perfect is the exclusive treatment studied by Q Italy to regenerate the skin of face and body. The effective combination of 5 technologies applied produces surprising results on many epidermis imperfections…

  • Q Epilaser 2.0

    Q Epilaser 2.0 has a handpiece featuring a spot of large dimensions and an exclusive and innovative skin cooling contact system which makes treatments absolutely pleasant, protecting the epidermis before, during and after the treatment.

  • Q Epilaser

    Q Epilaser ensures maximum safety and best results in terms of efficacy and rapidity in the photo-epilation treatment, to remove unwanted hair in a progressively definitive way…

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