Q Endodermic

Model your body

Endomassage to reshape the figure

The particularity of the new technologies applied make Q Endodermic unique and innovative for body, breast, face and décolleté treatments by joining the harmonic and synergetic action of various methods.

Endomassage: Q Endodermic combines three technologies in the same instrument to offer triply impressive beauty care results.

The rhythmic dermomassage tones the tissues. Ultrasound Liposculpture reshapes forms. Photostimulation improves the lymph and blood circulation, and disperses retained liquids.


Model your body

The particularity of the new technologies applied make Q Endodermic unique and innovative for body, breast, face and décolleté treatments by joining the harmonic and synergetic action of various methods.

Intermittent skin endomassage: suction, pause, positive pressure with intervals determined by the skin type or by the specific program for each morphological type.

Ultrasonic liposculpture through the application of plates with new generation intermittent variable energy emission transducers.

Photo-stimulation, stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation in the treated zone, favouring the elimination of accumulated liquids and reactivating correct micro-circulation.

The synergy of the three available technologies allows us to redefine shapes, to break down the cellulite nodes and fatty deposits, obtaining surprising results quickly in the context of pleasant relaxing sessions.

Tecnology and simplicity

Q Endodermic’s ergonomic interface allows simple, precise selection of the type and procedures of each treatment, thanks to the exclusive touchscreen graphic display.

A personalised memory card records the client’s details and the progress of the therapy. The memory card also simplifies management for the beauty therapist, who can make a direct check on the number of treatments received and those still remaining.


The Treatment

Elastometric analysis is an indispensable tool for discovering the real needs of your clientele, to then propose a program of targeted treatments. It makes it possible to survey and save the data relative to the various treatments to be provided on a memory card.

Photo-stimulation stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation in the treated zone, favouring the elimination of accumulated liquids and reactivating correct micro-circulation, while stimulating the bio-energetic rebalancing of the cells by accelerating the oxygenation processes. Its use, in combination with ultrasound results in the reduction and redistribution of subcutaneous fats, making the skin more uniform and luminous.


Immediately visible results

The synergy of the three available technologies allows us to redefine shapes, to break down the cellulite nodes and fatty deposits, obtaining surprising results quickly in the context of pleasant relaxing sessions.

Technical features

Power input: 220 V – 50/60 Hz

Max power absorbed: Max 240 Watt

External protection: 2×2 A./250V fuses

Emission mode: endomassage

Outputs: 80kPa / pression 100kPa

Size in mm: L 400 x 400 x H 1210

Weight: 30 kg

Classification: Class 1A

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