Q Epilaser Space 2.0

Device that allows maximum effectiveness in the treatment of epilation

Treatment that reduces unwanted hair in more depth

Even faster: reduces session time by 50%

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Q Italy has developed over the years an intense research in laser technology innovation, providing the customer maximum security and the best results in laser photo epilation treatment to remove hair in a progressively permanent way.

Q Epilaser 2.0 and Q Epilaser Space 2.0 apply a safe and performing system for progressively permanent hair removal on different skin phototypes.
The laser diode emits a beam of highly concentrated and coherent defocused light at 808/810 nm, which is directly and selectively absorbed by the melanin in the follicle to remove hair in a progressively definitive way. High power diodes allow fast, effective and pleasant treatments. Furthermore “Ice Cooler”, the cooling system, protects the skin before, during and after the spot.

Two in one

The wavelength of Q Epilaser 2.0 and Q Epilaser Space 2.0 reads melanin efficiently, but not extremely, this means that the signs of aging of darker skin phototypes can be treated more safely. Q Epilaser 2.0 and Q Epilaser Space 2.0 perform a thermal action in the deep dermis and contribute to increase the available energy to all cellular sessions, with final benefit of tissue nutrition.

Q Epilaser Space 2.0 is born from the specific customers need to have a faster laser for hair removal treatment of very large skin areas such as back and legs.
The final effect of infrared diode laser treatment will be a progressive elimination of unwanted hair and age spots associated with greater elasticity and skin tone, all in great safety for customers.

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  • Even faster: reduces time session of 50%
  • No dispersion thanks to antireflection: +30% of delivered energy
  • Exclusive Cooling System “ICE COOLER”
  • Suitable to small and large areas

Q Epilaser Space 2.0 the sites having all the characteristics of Q Epilaser 2.0 applies a high power diode, increasing the area of the single spot up to 2.4cm2.
The use of a 3000 Watt electric source, the anti-reflection treatment carried out on all sides of prism and sapphire that eliminates the photos dispersion, makes the system more efficient and effective compared to other technologies on the market. The advanced cooling method “Ice Cooler”, increased from 70 to 135 CFM (cubic feet per minute) allows to work at a temperature below 30° with greater efficiency and safety, both during summer season and for large areas.

Smooth and regenerated skin

The “anti-ageing” effect is obtained by using infrared laser according to the principles of photobiomodulation and photoselective thermolysis. Photoselective thermolysis focuses on melanin, reducing the size and visibility of superficial hyperpigmentation spots (age spots or solar spots) without damaging the surrounding healthy skin (photoageing).
The application of laser by infrared diode according to the principles of photobiomodulation follows a completely different principle, since the energy transmitted to the skin in the form of heat is responsible for stimulating the repair processes of the dermis (Krono-Ageing). This treatment is the safest for the customer, is painless and without the need of medications or change of habits in relationship life.

Q Skin Line

Q Italy has studied a special product line for pre and post – laser epilation treatment. Q Skin Line is the line that cleanses, hydrates and protects the skin, besides being the cosmetic ally to fight skin ageing and to defend the skin from UVB and UVA radiation, thanks to its solar filters.

    specific gel for laser epilation
    pre laser epilation cleanser
    facial gel against skin ageing
    facial cream against skin ageing
    nourishing and moisturising fluid
    cream against skin thickening

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