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Laser technology for hair removal

Q Epilaser ensures maximum safety and best results in terms of efficacy and rapidity in the photo-epilation treatment, to remove unwanted hair in a progressively definitive way.

The large size of the laser beam and the speed of the pulse execution enable a quick treatment of each part of the body.



Photo-epilation is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, in which the laser radiation strikes the hair follicles “selectively”, without
damaging the adjacent tissue.
In combination with the cooling system, Q EpiLaser is able to treat different
skin types, protecting the skin and reducing the sensation of heat.
The contact skin protection system cools the tissue before, during and
after emission of the laser pulse.
With the appropriate emission mode, power and irradiation time settings, the hair bulb and stem undergo slow, prolonged heating.

This makes the treatment supremely effective and gradually reduces the
number of unwanted hairs.



Q EpiLaser has a hand-piece with laser spot size of 10 mm and an exclusive, innovative skin cooling system, separate and well away from the diode but in contact with the skin in the treated zone.
The special operating software allows independent control of the cooling
The large spot size and rapid pulse emission allow swift treatment of any part of the body.
The Q EpiLaser complies with the parameters established by Italian Decree no. 110 of 12 May 2011 which regulates electromechanical cosmetic treatment devices.

Pulse power and duration

The device’s high power allows the use of a large spot size for treatment of a large zone, with no need for precision aiming at the target (hairs).
The wide laser spot size (10 mm) and the high power controlled by special software and specific protocols allow the laser radiation to penetrate deeper into the tissue, fundamental for reaching the hair bulbs (depth variable from 2-6 mm, depending on the part of the body) and generating effective photothermolysis.
The “super-long” pulse duration (of the order of hundredths of a millisecond) significantly heats the hair bulb and stem, maximising the thermal damage to the target (hair) alone.
The “pre – during – post” treatment active skin cooling allows very long laser emission times (high fluence), while also cooling the dermis effectively and keeping the melanocytes in perfect condition (no side-effects such as burns and hypo/hyper-pigmentation).

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