Q HighLight pst

High intensity pulsed light

Q Highlight PST performs a large number of beauty care functions:

  • it deletes the signs of time from the skin with a photorejuvinating treatment
  • it permanently removes unwanted hairs and it tones the tissues.

Q Highlight reawakens beauty naturally, effectively and safely.


High intensity pulsed light

Each person’s needs in terms of facial and body care and beauty are different.

Q HighLight satisfies them with the natural force of light.
Skilfully used, this light can perform a large number of beauty care functions: it deletes the signs of time from the skin with a photorejuvenating treatment, it permanently removes unwanted hair, and it tones the tissues.

Q HighLight reawakens beauty naturally, effectively and safely.

Q HighLight derives its efficacy from the process of Photothermolysis, which uses high intensity light for selecting treatment of different tissues.

This makes selective action on the various parts possible, providing a wide range of specific beauty treatments.

Every detail of the Q HighLight reflects attention to individual needs.

Tecnology and simplicity

The graphic interface allows simple, precise selection of the type and procedures of each treatment.

A personalised memory card records each client’s details, allowing for assessment of therapy progress and monitoring of the improvements achieved.

The memory card also provides clear, simple management of the process for the beauty therapist, who can make a direct check on the number of treatments performed and those remaining.



The main instrument used in the Q HighLight treatment is a special handpiece containing a lamp that generates a high intensity pulsed light, together with a set of coloured filters that allow emission of light of the chosen wavelength, as appropriate to the intended use. Before starting the session, the beautician apply to the lamp the more suitable filter to treat the specific imperfection.

Q Highlight treatment is absolutely quick and safe thanks to the Fast Cooling system that prevents eventual skin redness: the air is conveyed and filtered inside the handpiece so that the glass in contact with skin remains cold avoiding burns and reddenings.


Immediately visible results

Suitable for:

  • Fair skin hair removal
  • Dark skin hair removal
  • Photorejuvenation treatments
  • Tissue toning

Technical features

Power input: 230 V+/- 10% 50/60 Hz

Max power absorbed: Max 400 Watt

Energy: 13 joule cm2

External protection: 2 fuses T250V 6,3 A

Size in mm: L 500 x 380 x H 200

Weight: 16 kg

Classification: class 1BF

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