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Colours of beauty

High intensity pulsed light for Depilation and Bio-photo stimulation

High intensity pulsed light for Depilation and Bio-photo stimulation

Each person’s needs in terms of facial and body care and beauty are different.

Q HighLight I.P.L. satisfies them with the natural force of light.

Skilfully used, this light can perform a large number of beauty care functions: biophotostimulation, it permanently removes unwanted hair and it tones the tissues.


Q HighLight provides beauty treatments for face and body in total safety and in compliance with sector regulations, harnessing the most natural energy of the world: that of light.

High intensity pulsed light is emitted by a handpiece touching the skin, under the beauty therapist’s control. The beneficial effects of these flashes of light depend on the different filters used, which modify the light’s wavelength according to the treatment required.

The efficacy of Q HighLight is based on the process of selective Photothermolysis which uses high intensity light to selectively treat different tissues.

The key element of the Q HighLight treatment is a special lamp which emits pulsed light in a broad spectrum (from infrared to ultraviolet).

Special coloured filters are fitted to the lamp to obtain light of the right wavelength for the intended use.

The various tissues of our body contain different pigments, each of which only absorbs light of a certain wavelength.

This makes selective action on the various parts possible, providing a wide range of specific beauty treatments.

Technology and simplicity

The control centre of Q Highlight I.P.L with linear and innovative design, allows a simple and accurate selection of types and methods of each treatment, thanks to its exclusive touch screen colour display.

The highly intuitive software facilitates the use of the equipment and allows to work safely from the very first treatment without any doubts or risks.

A personalized memory card keeps track of customer data and progresses of treatment, allowing the beautician to have an easy management and a quick check of sessions performed and those yet to be carried out.



High intensity pulsed light for Depilation and Bio-photo stimulation

The main instrument used in the Q HighLight treatment is a special handpiece containing lamp that generates high intensity pulsed light, together with a set of coloured filters that allow to emit light with pre-set wavelength, according to the intended use.

Before the session, the beauty therapist fits the lamp with the most suitable filter to treat the specific beauty problem.

The therapy with Q HighLight is quick and safe; it is not necessary any external cooling instrument and the use of gel is not required, thanks to the exclusive Fast Cooling system, which prevents any redness of the skin: air is conveyed and filtered inside the handpiece, in this way the glass touching the skin is cold and will avoid burns and redness.

Application mode

  1. The area to be epilated is crossed by a spot of light that is absorbed by melanin in a selective way, reaching the deeper layers of the hair follicle.
    Through the process of photothermolysis is in fact determined the thermal destruction of the follicle, without damage to surrounding tissues.
  2. Only in the Anagen phase the melanin of the hair is connected with the germinative papilla. This is why the probability of atrophy the hair bulb is at the maximum at this juncture. The hairs in Catagen and Telogen phase are destined to grow.
  3. Due to the asynchronous hair growth, keep in mind that several sessions are necessary to achieve concrete and visible results, carefully following the method described in the guidelines. That’s why we talk about “Progressive Definitive Depilation”.


Immediately visible results

The range of benefits achievable with Q HighLight includes hair removal treatments of light or dark skin and bio-photo stimulation treatments.

Photo-epilation with intense pulsed light is a safe and effective system to definitely and progressively remove unwanted hair of different body areas.

The system allows you to treat the full range of skin phototypes and solve the problem of folliculitis.

Bio-photo stimulation stimulates ATP increasing the cellular action; the light emitted reactivates the fibroblasts with a consequent increase in neo-collagen synthesis, promoting the turnover of collagen and elastin.

  • Fair skin hair removal
  • Dark skin hair removal
  • Photorejuvenation treatments

Effective treatment in total safety

Q HighLight is a completely safe treatment, because it is carried out externally, without drugs – and absolutely painlessly – by qualified staff.

The parameters of the pulse of light emitted by the specific lamp (area of action, power and duration) are personalised to individual needs, by specially developed operating software that allows to optimize the results by entering the parameters of the client to be treated.

What’s more, Q HighLight is comfortable and gentle on the skin, because the handpiece has an effective air cooling system, that prevents any redness.

This means that Q HighLight acts effectively only on the beauty problems to be treated, with no damage to the surrounding areas of the body, which are unaffected by the therapy.

Therefore, the treatment is absolutely without unwanted side-effects and its beauty care results are even more effective: gradual permanent depilation and bio-photo stimulation.

Technical features

Power input: 230 V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

Max power absorbed: 400 Watt

Energy: 13 joule cm2

External protection: 2 fusibili/fuse da 6,3 A-250 V

Size in mm: L 400 x P 400 x H 1210

Weight: 37 Kg

Classi?cation: Class 1 BF (Ref: CEI 62-39)

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