Q Lipo Body Contouring Plus

A truly complete beauty treatment

Q Lipo Body Conturing Plus is the aesthetic device that offers a truly complete beauty treatment. The combination of three revolutionary and innovative technologies, Lipolytic Laser and Sequential Multifocal Ultrasound, allows body treatments with a wide range of effective and totally safe therapy modes. Q Lipo Body Conturing Plus contrasts localized fat and cellulite while at the same time firming, compacting and toning the tissues. The result is a slim, reshaped body, with a skin visibly firmer and rejuvenated. The strong synergy in the use of the three technologies depends on the complementary nature of the functions they perform on the body.

An innovative multi-function device for the beauty and tonifying of the body. Q Lipo Body Conturing Plus is a device for Aesthetics Professional applications. Multi platform technology combining from one to maximum four tchnologie for professional beauty: Resistive Multipolar Radiofrequency, Lipolaser and electrostimulation Kotz wave.

The Technology

Laser diode, Kotz wave, Bipolar Resistive Radiofrequency

Three different dispensing technologies through the same plate. Exclusive aesthetical technique for non invasive treatment for body Slimming, Modelling and Toning.
Double energy source: an optical nature and an eletric nature that operate in complementarity. One creats lipo effect inducing heat on the fat cells and the other simulates physical activity worthwhile for draining waste produced by overheating of the adipose tissue.
Radiofrequency is a non ivasive technique to reduce cellulite and skin laxity stimulating production of new collagen. The result is a reduction of the volume and a long lasting lifting effect, while the treatment gives the pleasant sensation of a hot massage.

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