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Vibrating energy waves for the body

Selective Pulsating Massage

Oscillating, vibrating energy waves that reshape the figure.
An innovative treatment with selective, local action on fatty tissue, which reduces surplus fat and removes cellulite. For a slimmer figure and silky-smooth skin.


Vibrating energy waves for the body

Selective Pulsating Massage

The Q PowerWave MPS beauty treatment is based on a highly innovative technology that uses vibrating energy waves to reduce localised fat and remove cellulite, improving the skin’s tone and suppleness.

The energy waves enter the body through a special handpiece, in the form of vibrations that deliver a real selective pulsating massage.

This breaks down fat cells and expels fatty acids into the circulation, ready for the body to dispose of them with the aid of a draining massage.

The treatment stimulates the connective tissue right down to the deep layers of the dermis, restoring the vascular circulation by removing congestion and oedemas and thus improving the most common beauty problems: fat, cellulite, fluid retention, etc. At the same time new, thick collagen fibres are generated in the dermis to reinforce the epidermis and create a smoother surface, eliminating the unpleasant “orange peel” effect.

Easy to apply and giving good results, the Q PowerWave MPS acts against cellulite and localised fat on specific parts of the body, especially the thighs, hips, bottom and arms. The result is a complete reshaping of the body, giving a slimmer figure and silky-smooth skin.

Tecnology and simplicity

The control centre of Q Power Wave with linear and innovative design, allows a simple and accurate selection of types and methods of each treatment, thanks to its exclusive touch screen colour display.

The highly intuitive software facilitates the use of the equipment and allows to work safely from the very first treatment without any doubts or risks.

A personalized memory card keeps track of customer data and progresses of treatment, allowing the beautician to have an easy management and a quick check of sessions performed and those yet to be carried out.



Selective Pulsating Massage

The special Q Power Wave MPS handpiece sends energy waves from the surface of the skin right down to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

After applying a conductive gel to the zone for treatment, the operator places the handpiece on it and starts making slow, gentle movements.

The session lasts about 30/40 minutes, depending on the area for treatment. It takes from 6 to 12 treatments to ensure an effect which will last over time.

Significant improvements are visible right from the first sessions.

Application mode

  1. The enlarged fat cells push up towards the skin surface. The skin assumes the typical orange peel appearance. The inelastic vertical fibers of connective tissue do not stretch along with the fat that surrounds them.
    This gives to the skin its characteristic “mattress” appearance. The local blood circulation is greatly reduced.
  2. The vibrating energy waves are introduced into the body.
    The connective tissue relaxes, while firmness of the epidermis increases.
    The treatment leads to a significant improvement of blood circulation in the tissue and stimulates collagen production, strengthening the dermis and epidermis.
  3. The skin and connective tissue become more toned and compact and regain their natural elasticity, with consequent visible and lasting improvement in the skin aspect.


Immediately visible results

The combination of meticulous technological research and development of the methods used in association with our scientific manager has generated an innovative, effective treatment protocol, capable of delivering the following results:

  • Reshaped figure
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Active combating of cellulite
  • Improved skin suppleness
  • Decrease in circumference of treated part
  • Reduction of localised fat
  • Firming of muscle and connective tissue

Effective treatment in total safety

The Q Power Wave MPS proves effective treatments in total safety. Energy wave emission is carefully controlled by an operating software that oversees the power and intensity.
The treatment is only performed on the affected area, with no damage to the surrounding tissues. No additional products are required and it is completely painless and non-invasive.
For effective, safe results and no unwanted side-effects.

Technical features

Power input: 230 V +/- 10% 50-60 Hz
Max power absorbed: 80 VA
External protection: two 6,3 A fuses
Emission frequency:
Max power emission: 0-22 Hz
Emission mode: selective pulsating massage
Outputs: 0-5 Bar
Handpieces: 1
Size in mm: L 400x P 400 x H 1210
Weight: 30 kg
Classification: Class 1

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