Q Slim Waves

Redefine the shapes

Body Ultrasound

The emission of Sequential Multifocal Ultrasonic Waves allows to accurately treat the adiposity and different stages of cellulite, with no damage to the surrounding tissues.

All of this happens through, an innovative handpiece created with ceramics and state of the art materials, which enable an optimal coupling and improved energy efficiency, allowing the operator to treat the different imperfections more effectively than with the conventional ultrasound.


Sequential Multifocal Ultrasound to accurately fight against fat and cellulite

Since its creation, Q-ITALY has always been distinguished for its constant innovation and ongoing research, related to the testing that makes their equipment truly unique in their kind. Being well aware of the legislation on electro-aesthetic machinery of 2011, Q-Italy Technical Equipe has managed to radically innovate a well known technology as that of ultrasound.

Operating in a professional panorama driven by innovation at any cost, even at the expense of inconsistency of results or safety of customers, Q-Italy preferred to improve and perfect a technique that uses in absolute terms one of the safest sources of energy, ie sound waves.



The particularity of the new technologies applied makes Q Slim Waves unique and innovative. The non invasive method consists in the use of a revolutionary handpiece created with ceramics and state of the art materials, which enable an optimal coupling and improved energy efficiency, allowing the operator to treat the different imperfections more effectively than with the conventional ultrasound.

At the same time, enabling the ceramics to work in an optimal way means to improve the mechanical effect of ultrasound without increasing the thermal effect, to the benefit of customers safety. In this regard, the software prevents the emission of sound waves when the applicator is not resting on the body of the client, in favor of the workplace safety and life of the handpiece.

The exclusive available technology allows us to redefine shapes, to break down the cellulite nodes and fatty deposits, obtaining surprising results quickly in the context of pleasant relaxing sessions.


Q Slim Waves is fitted with plates and handles characterised by a particular design studied to facilitate application and to amplify the use of available technologies with maximum effectiveness and safety, for rapid innovative treatments with appreciable results that can be seen even after the first treatment sessions.

The numerous tests performed allow us to state that Q-Italy ultrasonic technology is really a major step forward in electronic technologies for aesthetic, aimed at treating the various stages of localized cellulite by combining the optimization of the results with the safety of treatments.

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