Q Slimpress

An enveloping sense of well-being


A new technology applied to pressomassage allows us to get extremely versatile devices with unique features in terms of precision and safety.


Tecnology and simplicity

A personalised memory card records the client’s details and the progress of the therapy.

The memory card also simplifies management for the beauty therapist, who can make a direct check on the number of treatments received and those still remaining.

The safety and precision of the treatments is guaranteed by an automatic body pressure detector; once applied to the client, this device uses a specially designed software to transmit the detected values and automatically set the optimal treatment parameters.



Q Slimpress and Q Slimpress plus, viagra thanks to a wide range of specific programs to treat different areas of the body, are able to effectively remove excess liquids and reactivate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Extremely versatile devices with unique features for precision and safety.


Specially created and tested programs aim to remove excess interstitial liquids and to favour efflux of blood and lymphatic circulation.

By selecting the special functions the following factors can be varied for each zone: pressure, pressure maintenance time, pause interval between one cycle and the next, the exclusion of one or more zones, for the application of personalised, extremely effective treatments.

Intuitive graphics which display the various functions make the device easy to use. Upon completion of the treatment a special discharge system automatically makes the leg sleeve removal operations easier and faster.


Immediately visible results

Suitable for:

  • Improving and reducing lymphatic stasis and cellulite
  • Reducing swelling of lymphatic and venous origin
  • Facilitating the drainage of interstitial fluid
  • Improving blood circulation and tissue oxygenation

Technical features

Power input: 230 V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

Max power absorbed: Max 250 Watt

External protection: 2 fuses T2A 250V

Size in mm: L 500 X P 380 X H 200

Weight: 12 kg

Classification: class 1 tipo BF (Ref: CEI 62-39)9)

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