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Non-ablative Radiofrequency

Q Therm Plus R.F.N.A is a revolutionary beauty care device that emits radiofrequency to treat facial and body beauty problems, smoothing wrinkles and restoring tone to sagging tissues.
Q Therm Plus R.F.N.A. is provided with the innovative method of fractional radiofrequency that allows delivering a greater amount of energy to the tissue to be treated (face and body) increasing the beneficial effects without causing inconvenience to the customer and absolutely without any side effects.


The new skin youthfulness

Q Therm Plus RFNA is a new device that uses the radiofrequency technology to treat facial and body beauty problems, smoothing wrinkles and restoring tone to sagging tissues.

Q Therm Plus RFNA is a revolutionary system because it applies to dermatology a non-invasive technology that is a real alternative to the conventional surgical lifting and is able to visibly compact, fi rm and tone tissues.

Radiofrequency beauty treatment uses the heat transfer principle: during the treatment, the radiofrequency develops heat which is transferred to the deepest layers of the skin, activating a tissue rejuvenation.

The heat produced by the radiofrequency causes denaturation and contraction of the collagen fi bres to contract; this movement results in stretching, restoration and fi rming of the skin.

At the same time in dermis the fi broblasts generate new, thick collagen fi bers which strengthen the epidermis resulting in a smoother surface, reducing wrinkles and giving the skin a natural lifting effect.



Technology and simplicity

The control centre of Q Therm Plus RFNA with linear and innovative design, allows a simple and accurate selection of types and methods of each treatment, thanks to its exclusive touch screen colour display.

The interface allows precise control of radiofrequency emission, and setting of the various treatment types targeted for individual needs. A personalized memory card keeps track of customer data and progresses of treatment, allowing the beautician to have an easy management and a quick check of sessions performed and those yet to be carried out.



Modulated Monopolar and Bipolar Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency beauty treatment is carried out using the special monopolar capacitive and bipolar resistive handpieces provided.

The shape and ergonomic design of handpieces allow the beauty therapist to work with absolute precision, safety and comfort on different areas of face and body.

The monopolar handpiece is indicated for the body care, with an effective action against adiposity, cellulite and for general toning of sagging skin.

The handpiece is provided with interchangeable electrodes that suit the different forms of treatment areas.

Bipolar facial and body handpieces are manufactured using special materials; the electrodes have dimensions and structures specially designed and realised to allow the proper transfer of energy to tissues, with maximum accuracy and safety.

Applied Technologies

  1. Bio-photo stimulation: The bio-photo stimulation stimulates ATP by increasing the cellular action, the light emitted reactivates the fi broblasts with a consequent increase in neo-collagen synthesis, promoting the turnover of collagen and elastin.
  2. Monopolar method: The endogenous heat leads to a series of events that can affect cellulite and, thanks to the particular and adequate frequency used, also localized adiposity.
  3. Bipolar method: It is a method recently introduced which is used to treat various imperfections of face and body such as skin laxity.


Immediately visible results

Q Therm RFNA is an extraordinary means of achieving a visible improvement in skin texture: the skin looks more hydrated, trophic and healthy, the colour more natural.

Q Therm RFNA is ideal for a wide range of facial anti-age treatments: it reduces wrinkles, attenuates the sagging of facial skin on the jaw line, underneath the chin and on the cheeks; it fights acne.

  • Superficial and deep wrinkles
  • Acne prevention and acne treatment (also in active stage)
  • Skin relaxation of face and body
  • Orange peel skin
  • Stage I – II – III – IV Cellulite
  • Adiposity
  • Remodeling body shapes and volumes in few sessions
  • Re-activating the peripheral blood circulation
  • Improving the lymphatic drainage
  • Toning of the tissues

Effective treatment in total safety

The use of Q Therm Plus RFNA as part of an appropriate beauty therapy plan is an effective solution to the demand for lasting anti-wrinkle and lifting treatments, without surgery, without pain and without unwanted side-effects.

At the end of a pleasant, relaxing treatment session, clients can get straight back to their normal lives. Radiofrequency emission is carefully controlled, and the heat produced is conveyed deep down without damaging the epidermis.

The result achieved is kept for a long time and consolidated the fi rst months after the end of the treatments.

RFNA is not invasive: if practiced correctly there are neither side effects nor complications of any kind.

With RF the results are always natural and do not alter the patient’s physiognomy; moreover the treatment does not use drugs, because the therapy is based on stimulation of the fi broblasts leading to the autonomous production of new collagen, which reduces wrinkles and has a real, natural lifting action on the skin.

Technical features

Power input: 230 V +/- 10% 50-60 Hz
Max power absorbed:500 Watt
External protection:two T250 V 4 A fuses
Emission frequency: 455 Khz +/- 10 %
Max power emission: 50 Wtt +/- 10% mopolar capacitve – 25 Watt +/- 10% bipolar resitive
Emission mode: monopolar capacitive/bipolar resistive
Outputs: 2 indipendent
Handpieces: 3
Size in mm: L 400 x P 400 x H 1210
Weight: 30 kg
Classification: Class I type BF

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